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Wait wasn't John Brown a southerner? I'm mean he did try to inspire to revolt. Ive saved Sparta, the white house, a few family dilemmas, and now london. Got the new Liam Neeson vibe going. Long boring murky and drab film ...a series of sermonizing moments of preaching over and over and speeches and speeches and nothing but speeches! So basically Lincoln?. In the opening sequence don't they get armaments wrong? Knight is shown using inaccurate small arms..

#RIPCRISTINA REMEMBER when so many of you on here said : USA has guns, we are safe This is what happens. Gun culture is for idiots and yet ANOTHER young life is gone. Well done.

I mean I read the book first, and I love the movie and all and don't hate me. But they changed so many things from the books! For example: Vee's backstory Sydney's role and backstory Ian's role The actual NERVE game The grand finale.

Gara2 liat extra trans tv gua langsung cariin kesini. Katanya pertama kli di layar kaca indonesia. Haha.

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Very soon it won't be a movie with the rise of radical Muslims in our midst the world is doomed yet those in power can't recognize the enemy. Shame on you

This movie is so bad!!! why does it always have to be about Americans saving the day -_- second why were they portraying America/president as the good guys? i mean they bombed the Pakistani people while in an innocent wedding for no apparent reason! so the father and the brothers of the dead bride wanted revenge!?!! in movies like kill bill, salt, taken etc.. the people taking revenge are portrayed as the heroes unlike this racist movie -_- i was rooting for the terrorists all along..

Just realized people didn't have a right to not follow the country IE military service is slavery it is forced because Massa own you.Massa govy So any African American complaining about the followers in the confeteracy are anti freedomAs they are victim blaming the people who don't get a choice not to follow.

Didn't know the movies name so instead i just wrote ''movie where they do challanges for money and views'' and i found it. I know, im a genius..

tbh I loved this movie. It was eerie, slow, talky, and somewhat boring yes, but I can appreciate the raw emotion and character development that each main character goes through. I honestly loved how they made the action sequences short and good! I can agree with a lot of what you're saying, but I still found it incredibly entertaining. that's just my opinion.





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I would like to see ''Mekka has fallen''!.

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Tremenda escena, buenísima historia

Domino. miles heizer is one hell of an actor I didn't recognise him at all when I saw him in 13 reasons why and in this movie (and 13rw) he was my favourite character ok. free state of jones review



The text in the corner of the screen didn't bother me. It did in thirty seconds what it would have taken several minutes to show. Now, if this had been a trilogy of films then yes, take the several minutes. But the text and the still photos didn't bother me. But then I like documentaries, so maybe I don't mind documentary-type stuff in my based-on-a-true-story movies. I do remember thinking, when Knight went into the church after the major, How many times, in a battle, do the main good guy and the main bad guy go one-on-one like that? But if we don't know that this isn't what happened, well it looks good in a movie. And hey, sometimes the dramatic, cinematic thing is the thing that really happened..

Download Full The Accidental Detective 2: In Action tamil Without Paying. guys the movie is about youtube! :D open your eyes, doing dares, watcher or player, pranks and shit, this movie is actually about youtube, people do exactly same shit on youtube like in a movie :D.

This movie had excellent potential! Oh, so it sucked. Such a bummer, the trailer looked so good!


Matthew is after his next Oscar. Oscar bait. Simple as.. What if the someone comes out at the end of the movie and says it's just a prank bro I'm left speechless in the best and the worst ways Basically showed the whole film but yeah whatever..


free state of jones soundtrack free state of jones amazon prime video I like this movie so much all white people in the movie no blacks My high school teachers had to get movies approved before they could be shown in class for educational purposes. Any movie rated over a PG, the teacher had to get a permission slip signed and if the student didn't get it they would have to sit out of class for how many days it would take for the class to finish watching it. I doubt any schools would allow this movie to be shown in class just because of the rating. It doesn't matter how historically accurate it is. They would much rather show something that isn't even slightly accurate and was made for 5 year-olds in 1998, I swear my teacher showed us a VHS tape from 1998 about The American Civil War and it claimed that the reason for the war was slavery and that alone. It didn't even go into any detail about anything and most of it was just glanced over. I probably got stupider after watching that piece of shit. But anyway this movie was really good, I actually enjoyed it for it's history..

so is anyone going to create an actual nerves website free state of jones county movie

DEVIL. THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED. NO MOVIE,NO LIES. NO HIS-STORY. you make very appealing videos. I can see the effort and quality you put into each of your videos. free state of jones movie trailer Alright, Alright, Alright… Jones loses, a standing army is maintained over all after Civil war, the military industrial complex is born and there in after begins 150 years of illegitimate wars (excluding 42 to 45) fought by the USA in pursuit of the expansion of its Empire and business interests regardless of whether or not that meant over throwing democratically elected heads of state. Fast forward and the American Empire spans 120+ country's with over 1200+ military interrelations spread across them. If you cut the US military budget in half, then cut it in half again, IT WOULD STILL OUTSPEND EVERY COUNTRY ON EARTH COMBINED  The American political system has been corrupted beyond repair, and Democracy in a once proudly free nation is now available for the highest bidder with election fraud growing from a few incidents in previous elections to being rampant, blatant, and in your face in 2016 yet US main media, now corrupted itself, says nothing. Oh say can you see......

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Chris... I love your videos. But please please PLEASE STOP STOP excusing yourself from not learning correct pronunciation of cast and crew names. It MATTERS. Do a little research. You're a PROFESSIONAL. Use words -- people's NAMES -- correctly.. free state of jones trailer

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free state of jones bluray free state of jones wiki Free+State+of+jones and the dap Free State of jones Similar toh BLUE WHALES. Isn't it? free state of jones full movie Sequels Paris has Fallen Los Angeles has Fallen Manila has Fallen Tokyo has Fallen Hong Kong has Fallen New York has Fallen Rome has Fallen Sydney has Fallen Bangkok has Fallen. Most intense movie ever! I rate this 100/100 Great job, my new favorite movie apart from Dragon ball z

This is definitely a movie that students will be forced to watch in History class in school. And yeah, the trailers for this movie gave too much away. I've seen the trailers for this movie way too many times due to me going to the movie theater several times this year. Hell, I think I saw the trailers last year too. My god I dreaded the trailers. They're so boring, and I always got salty when having to sit through 2-3 minutes when the trailer played at the movie theater. And this movie had a $60 million budget? My god. This movie is like a movie that would be s exclusive to History channel, and that your History teacher makes you watch while you got nothing for 2 hours at finals in class, lol.

Is the movie Free state of Jones a true story Full"Watch"FREE"STATE"Online movie tamil Watch*[Free*State*of*Jones]*movie*1080p*download Free State mobile download. Wow this looked to be a pretty epic movie but may wait and just rent this now. Will Mexican actress ana brenda contreras make a cameo in the movie Free State of Jones

This is getting way too ridiculous!! movie free state of jones 2016 i keep coming back to this for some reason like i can't stop thinking about it... i have a feeling this is going to be a reallyyyy good movie


Trailer was amazing the ambush in the woods was awesome, some of the Raiders die, which set up the best part of the trailer..... The Ambush Out of the Coffin which was just Amazing!!! Can't wait to see this movie!!!. free state of jones rating







  • 1000 / 1000